Pictured above: 

Molly Repasch (Property Manager, REALTOR)

Angie Perez Kasper (Property Manager, REALTOR)

Sheila Mikulec (Accounting)

Jessie Perez (Receptionist/Administrative Assistant)

Bonnie Kilpatrick (Corporate Business Development Lead)

Kellie Bacon (Administrative Assistant REALTOR)

Kylie Giacomozzi (Administrative Assistant for Quality Control)

Dee Leyh (Administrative Assistant for Property Maintenance)

Lynda Nock (Property Move Out Coordinator)

Norma Payne (Licensed Assistant Property Manager for College Park)

Stephanie Rhoades (Receptionist/Administrative Assistant) *Not pictured

Dixie Wilhite (Community Relations - Copperas Cove) *Not pictured


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