Notice to Tenants

1.  CHANGES IN DATE OF VACANCY.   Any changes in vacancy date must be approved, in writing, by the Landlord, Cloud Real Estate.  You may not hold over beyond this written notice date.  The Landlord and new residents shall act upon this document for all purposes.

2.  SURRENDER OF PROPERTY.   To properly surrender the property, turn in all keys and access devices  Upon the date of vacancy, as provided for by this document, surrendering of the property by turning in the keys or abandonment of the property, whichever shall come first, the tenant loses all rights to possession of the property.  Any tenant who wishes to remain on the property must sign a new Lease Agreement.

3.  MOVE OUT PRIOR TO TERMINATION OF LEASE AGREMENT.  Receipt of this notice does not constitute approval of early vacancy and does not relieve the tenant(s) of their obligation under the original Lease Agreement.  The Landlord reserves all rights under the original Lease Agreement of all remedies of early vacancies including accelerated rents for the remainder of the lease period, subletting charges, late payment fees, returned check fees, damages, attorney's fe34e, contractual liens, utility cutoff, and liability for increase hold over rents and Lease Agreement extensions.

4.  HOLDOVER.  If the tenant(s) stay beyond the vacancy date provided, the tenant(s) will be subjected to an increased rent for the holdover period.

5.  CLEANING.  Tenant(s) must leave the property in a clean condition, as outlined in the vacancy/cleaning instructions that has been furnished by the Landlord to the tenant(s).

6.  UTILITIES.  Electric/Water/Gas services must be left on a minimum of 5 business days after vacate date noted in vacancy notice.  This is for inspection only.  If cleaning is not complete, utilities will be turned on at the tenant's expense.

7.  FORWARDING ADDRESS.  Tenant(s) must provide the Landlord with a forwarding address.  This will be where your security deposit and accounting may be mailed after you vacate the premises.

8.  PRINT A COPY OF THESE NOTICES. Tenant(s) should retain a copy of the notices and INTENT TO VACATE FORM prior to submitting the form.

9.  MILITARY MOVE.  If the reason for the move is due to PCS orders or employer required move, a copy of orders must be attached to this notice.

10.  PRORATED RENT.  Prorated rent must be paid in full by the 1st day of the month.  Failure to pay will put your lease in default and you will forfeit your deposit.   


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